Amplify Trading Global Markets Review - 8th October 2019

Amplify Trading Global Markets Review - 8th October 2019

Today's Highlights

  • EU Tusk accuses PM Johnson of playing a "blame game"

  • China says "stay tuned for retaliation"

  • Trump confusing comments over Turkey involvement in Syria

Macro Review

Global Equities remain on risk-off tone as investors remain concern about the recent retaliation threat from Chinese officials after reports suggested White House is moving towards restrictions on investments into China. Therefore, trade war escalation risk revamps just days before both side will resume talks in an effort to resolve a dispute that has been giving headache to traders for more than one year. Speaking of headache, Brexit negotiations remain on stall after today's hawkish comments from EU Tusk accusing PM Johnson to play a blame game without a constructive proposal. GBP fell to 1.22 with the move likely exacerbated by USD strength amid safe heaven inflows. Traders are still enjoying the "long quality" trade, with gold, t-notes and yen trading close to new weekly highs and equities trading indecisive.

Looking over the Middle-Eastern situation, Trump today said that the US will remain a financial and military ally with the Kurdish, adding also that a war could be detrimental for the Turkish economy. The comments came in the context of yesterday WH decision to pull troops out of Syria and Turkey bid to reclaim the Northern-East Syrian region - under Kurdish control after the defeat of Daesh

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