AmplifyNOW Course Reviews

AmplifyNOW Course Reviews

Updated: Jun 18

AmplifyNOW brings together the very best content from the Amplify Trading team, covering areas from macroeconomics and technical analysis to trading psychology and risk management.

Since launching the e-learning portal at the start of 2020, the feedback has been fantastic and we have continued to improve the platform upon the recommendations of our users.

Check out some quotes from recent graduates of the programme:

Chris-Eric Dagbo

"The course is informative and very rewarding. It covers the fundamental and technical analysis and addresses the features of each type of market.

In addition, I highly recommend this course".

Dina Haeri

"I have just completed this wonderful course... just a big thanks for this amazing opportunity and such a great foundation in financial market analysis".

Andrew Whitenburgh

"Excellent course that has taught me so much nit just about trading, but how markets work and what are the influences on those markets.

Excellent risk & reward section to highlight how difficult trading is".

Adrian Kavanagh

"I was very impressed with the course content, structure and delivery.

I definitely have a deeper understanding of how fundamentals fit into the picture".

Fin Panton

"An amazing course, extremely interesting and useful. It covers a broad range of topics, including fundamental and technical analysis, along with trading psychology.

I cannot recommend this course enough!"

If you scroll down to the bottom of the AmplifyNOW course page you can see many more testimonials.


The two most common points of feedback which users felt added the most value to their development was in enhancing their fundamental analysis and improving their trading psychology.

These are two areas which Amplify Trading specialises in. As a global macro trading firm and having nurtured discretionary trading talent since 2009, we are well-positioned to deliver world-class content in these areas.


Once you complete the content on the AmpliyNOW portal the next step available to you is to undertake one-week of intensive training followed by the option to trade a fully funded live account for 4-weeks.

Each one of these steps would result in an upgrade to your diploma status as seen below.

If have any questions about the course content, availability or pricing, please feel free to book a call with one of our consultants HERE.

All the best with your future development in trading.

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