The Key To Trading From Home

    Are times changing? Or have times changed?

    Either way, we certainly are living in an unprecedented era and I thought it would be useful to go over how I split my day to include both trading and working, as both are currently done from home.

    The Key To Trading From Home Delivering a regular weekly webinar on AmplifyNOW from the trading floor in London

    The key to working from home is routine and discipline. I have a clear structure each day which I follow, there are certain times for me to go over my emails, catch up with the other mentors, focus on the AmplifyLIVE portal and periods where my main focus is just on the markets. 

    How COVID-19 has changed my day-to-day

    When we were told we will be taking our operations fully online, I have to say I was really excited for the change. The thought of not commuting on the Northern Line each day, and having more time to prepare in the mornings and evenings was exactly what I needed. I have exactly the same set up (two screens) from when I first started trading at home 5 years ago.

    Amplify Trading

    It was very nostalgic when I clicked onto the trading-platform to see my old Amplify Trading username on the screen.. Funnily enough, my brother is also working from home at the moment and he has started trading from home at exactly the same time I did. We would treat ourselves to a victory song every time we had a winning trade - but I'm not going to get into that!

    My trading plan when trading from home

    Trading at home is fantastic, but you have to have routine and discipline. Every weekday, I am up from 6 AM, having a look over the markets to plan for the day ahead and review any other trades that I still have on. Next step is watching Anthony's morning briefing where I compare what he has said with my own thinking. He has been doing this for years and I don't know anyone better, so if he talks about something I have not noticed - now I will. 

    Amplify Trading

    Head of Market Analysis Anthony Cheung delivering the morning briefing

    Following that I'm focusing on our AmplifyNOW portal, interacting with our current trainees on the programme, as well as updating and preparing any new content. This is a welcome distraction for me, balancing work and trading goes perfectly with my style. I'm not someone who wants to be in and out of the market all the time, I would much rather be patient and become a sniper waiting for the right opportunity (analysis done in the morning and alerts set). 

    This routine allows me to focus on other parts of my job freely, when an alert gets triggered I know what I want to see for me to then take that trade. At the end of each day I will spend time reviewing any trades that I have taken and start planning for the sessions ahead.

    Anthony's 'Macro Menu' every Sunday is a great tool for planning when things will actually be happening in the markets and something I would definitely recommend. I want to know when the key events, data releases, speakers are, but also when it is likely to be quiet and thus a time not to be involved in the markets. 

    Mentoring during the trainees transition to live markets is where I can help the most

    trainees transitionMe with the 'Market Wizard' Jack Schwager

    The most important part of my day is keeping in contact with our backed traders. Having been in their situation before, I know what they are going through, what is needed and how I can help. Me and the team work closely with each individual to help them develop their edge and turn them into the best possible trader they can be.

    When I first started trading live it was imperative for my development to have a mentor, to get instant feedback and find out what I needed to improve and how best to do so. This is what makes me so determined to help develop those on our longer term courses.  

    Have a clear structure and be disciplined

    In summary, adjusting to working and trading from home was not that hard to do because I had a clear plan in place. Whether you are intraday or swing trading, working or not - having a clear structure to your trading day will only lead to improved results when coupled with good discipline in the markets.

    Stay safe and if you have any questions feel free to email me at

    Sam North (@snorth19)
    Senior Associate