Rajesh Sanghvi: Hybrid Career Program (India)

    Rajesh Sanghvi

    When did you attend your course with Amplify Trading and what programme were you on?

    I attended the Amplify trading career course with the hybrid option by remote access to the course from my home, and I went through the 3-stage course starting from Nov 21st 2016 to Feb 25th 2017.

    What was your background before taking the course?

    I am primarily from a background from the Automobile and Construction Equipment Industry. My Educational back ground: Masters Degree with specialisation in finance from Grenoble Graduate School of Business done from London U.K., and a Bachelor Degree in Commerce from Osmania University from Hyderabad city in India.

    Why did you choose Amplify Trading?

    My first exposure to Amplify Trading was back in the year 2009, having enrolled then for its trading training course, as an additional option of activity whilst gaining my Masters Degree in finance in London. It gave me a strong inclination to someday become a successful Trader, which was a dream I looked to make a reality eventually in the future.

    I was inspired by the Stature of Both Piers and Will, and that rich experience gained and the excitement which comes with trading as a career option, developed a passion in me for trading. That earlier exposure to Amplify, gave me confidence that Amplify would be my best option too, to seriously establishing Trading as a career option.

    I liked the Trading platform, the interaction available to trainees, the methodology used by Amplify to impart training, the Amplify Mentors who monitor and guide you at every stage during the course, apart from Piers and Will who lead you through the course with their lectures, all are truly exceptional, unique and only one of a kind available in the Industry to develop the skills to trade in the international markets and to become a successful trader.

    More particularly, Amplify Trading emphasis on providing training on trading psychology and behavioural finance apart from training on fundamental and technical analysis, developing the Macro view and strategy gives a distinct edge to any trader to develop his skills.

    The research material provided, the daily briefings on the markets, the resources made available including latest developments, Geo-political, socio-economic, the live news on your fingertips free, with market related voice feeds, and direct video streaming and chatting access to Amplify trading room, prepares you and supports you, to trade the markets with the best possible tools available.

    Amplify trading provides training in the live market in real time-market environment, compared to theory, giving you the chance to practice trading from Day 1 which helps developing your own trading style and skills, also imparting knowledge on how to handle risk, and stress which may result from trading daily by their mentors, and what you have learnt you can use on the live markets executing trades, with the skills you have been able to amass during the training period.

    What was the biggest challenge to moving on to trading live markets?

    My most important challenge initially was more psychological, where I had to de-learn and re-learn how to handle risk, and the fear of losses and failure, by constantly reviewing my trades and improving, a feature unique to the trading environment verses traditional thinking and habits developed in other careers. When I went through each of the above stages, then I had to learn the art of trading successfully with confidence and without hesitation to execute trades as a trading professional would or should.

    How did you find the support from the Amplify team during your time on the programme?

    I found the whole of the 3 part career program quite exceptional, both in terms of the world class training provided by my mentors at each stage, the rich experience gained in trading the world markets, with the world class cutting edge trading platform and technology and resources provided. And more particularly the trading skills I could successfully gain, to give me confidence to me to choose Trading as a career option, where in lie great rewards not only through work satisfaction but also in the trading results.

    The entire team at Amplify was very supportive throughout the 3 months, giving that extra push by giving encouragement during periods of stress, the nudge, needed to progress all along the way and laid the path for me by providing expert guidance whenever the need arose.

    Would you recommend Amplify Trading to a friend?

    Mostly certainly, it is one of the best Propriety trading firms in the world, providing the best there is in Training to be a trader in the financial markets.
    You get this chance to develop your trading skills to the full potential, get confidence in your abilities through actual results you put in, I would highly recommend Amplify Trading to anybody from any part of the world, to choose it as your best bet for establishing your future as a trader.