Amplify Trading 2020 New Year - New Opportunity

    What's new?

    Amplify Trading have spent the past year putting all their best content onto a comprehensive online school for new traders to start their journey. Content is delivered by Amplify Trading's most experienced traders and covers all topics necessary to begin your journey to becoming a professional trader.

    Meet Your Teacher

    Why the change?

    For the past 10 years we have taught people exclusively from our offices in the City of London. However for many, the ability to come to London is just not possible due to work commitments or the expense of travel. As such, we wanted to accommodate these aspiring traders who deserve quality education to ensure they start on the right foot. Traders who complete the online course are still invited to come to London as an Amplify Trader, trading a fully funded account.

    Foundations of trading Online

    What does online stage cover?

    We have distilled all the main theoretical content from our original career trader programme into bite-sized video content. These videos are accessible in an on-demand format so you can learn whenever it suits you best and at the pace of your choosing. Below is a summary of the chapters covered, each comprising of a number of video lessons in addition to reading material and assessments.


    Is there any practical part?

    Yes! we have created a unique mobile app called ReTrader where a user can Re-Trade a historical market events using the exact time series data from the exchange, overlaid with the genuine news that moved the market. This is a great way to implement your knowledge in a practical way while you progress through the programme.


    Is there an ability to talk to the Amplify Trading team?

    Yes, absolutely. Every Wednesday evening at 6pm London time the Head of Market Analysis and one of the senior traders will hold a 45-minute webinar to answer any questions on course content, trading and market news in general. All users are encouraged to join each week and even if you miss a session they all get recorded and are available for 'replay' for 30 days.

    How much does it cost?

    The course fee is £495 for 12 month access to the portal.

    How long does it take to complete?

    If you are completing the course part-time, then it would take approximately 1-2 months to complete on-line stage, depending on your speed of study and how much time you dedicate to the course.

    What happens at the end?

    Upon completion of the online programme you will receive a level 4 Trading & Financial Analysis, accredited by the London Institute of Banking & Finance. For those that want to and are able to progress their training then the next step is to work with us in person on the trading floor in London for the Advanced and Professional programmes.

    What are the Advanced and Professional programmes and how much do they cost?

    Advanced programme gets you ready to trade on live markets, either with your own funds, or on a fully backed account as an Amplify Trader on the Professional programme. The intensive online training programmes are delivered using video Zoom technology. The cost of this is £1500 + vat for the week, which also upgrades your diploma to level 5 status.

    The Advanced Programme Overview

    Advanced Programme Overview

    Professional Programme- Become an Amplify Trader

    Amplify Trading backs the quality of the training delivered, providing a fully funded trading account to all traders right from the start of the Professional programme. Over four weeks you will take your professional trading desk in London surrounded by our senior traders, who will be able work with you on every live trade and decision.

    Right from the start of the Professional programme traders are eligible to take a profit split from their live trading account. After four weeks are complete, Amplify Trading will continue to back all profitable traders at the end of the programme with no further training fees.

    This unique experience will be the final phase of development for those looking to trade full-time as a professional, whether as a backed Amplify Trading trader, an employee at a larger proprietary trading firm or as a more sophisticated retail investor. All traders that complete the Professional programme are eligible for an advanced level 6 diploma, which would be the equivalent of a bachelor's degree when compared to the higher education framework.

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    Head of Market Analysis Anthony Cheung

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