Professional Trader Programme Stage 2 Review

    Philip Gray completed the Amplify Trading Professional Trader Programme Stage 2 in May 2020, see what he had to say about his journey.


    Philip Gray

    What was your career background before joining Amplify Trading?

    I originally was a Forensic Scientist for 9 years when I first began looking into

    trading in my spare time. I’d spent a few years absorbing everything I could get hold of on the subject and that’s when I initially became aware of Amplify Trading through Daily Briefing published on YouTube as well as following the likes of Anthony and Sam on Twitter.


    What was the goal in completing the training programme?

    Having spent several years reading about Technical and Fundamental analysis I felt I was at best “book smart” on the subject and needed a proper system to convert my knowledge into profit.


    What I wanted was a trading strategy with a proven edge and also to gain live mentored experience of putting this strategy into practice. I was also aware of the Psychological aspect of trading and knew this could only be developed whilst trading live funds.


    Why did you choose Amplify Trading?

    As I mentioned earlier I had been following Amplify Trading for several years and was used to the quality content from Anthony and Sam but being based in Belfast I was always going to have difficulty taking their 5 week Professional Trading Programme Stage 2 in London.


    This all changed with the outbreak of Covid-19 in March 2020 and Amplify Trading seamlessly moved the entire programme online using chatroom and video conferencing technology. I was also very keen to attain the Level 6 Diploma in Trading and Financial Market Analysis.


    How would you describe your overall experience on the Professional Trader Programme?

    I was absolutely delighted with my development throughout the programme. We were taught the Amplify Trading Process which was a solid framework to build every trade with and comes with its own rules to keep a high standard of execution.


    For example, previously I would have never taken the importance of the time of day into consideration when entering a trade, the Amplify Process explains why this is so important and provides rules for every asset class in order to give your trade the best chance of succeeding. There are multiple rules and behaviours like this which when added together and executed perfectly will give an edge on the market over time.


    How did you feel trading with a live account?

    It’s impossible not to feel emotions when entering a trade at this stage in my opinion. We were taught the importance of sticking to your trade plan and the well defined risk management rules in order to keep these emotions in check.


    It was also great to experience this alongside the rest of the people on the course and there was a real sense of camaraderie which meant I couldn’t wait to log on each morning.


    What was the mentoring like on the programme?

    For me this aspect was the single most valuable element of the programme. Alex and Sam had both done the same course at the start of their trading journey and it was so reassuring to know they had experienced everything we had but also were living examples of how the Amplify Process has a verified edge if traded with consistent discipline. It was great to do a 1-2-1 catch up every other day or after each trade to discuss how it went.


    It also should be noted that these guys are trading at the same time as us and I took huge comfort in seeing the guys experience and react to the type of human emotions I was experiencing and to know that it was entirely to be expected and that there are ways of dealing with them.


    What are your objectives now with trading in the future?

    My sole objective is to continue with what I’ve learned and develop to the level of a consistently profitable trader. I know that I can still call on the advice of the Amplify Trading Team through their chatroom whilst on that development path and would love some day to be at the level where I could mentor new traders and share with them the journey I experienced at their stage.


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