Professional Trader Programme: Stage 1

    On the 20th April 2020, we ran our first fully online Stage 1 of the Professional Trader Programme, an intensive week of training with the team, using our proprietary software, as well as Discord and Zoom technology.

    Amplify’s Summer Course

    Head of Market Analysis Anthony Cheung

    Due to COVID-19 and likelihood of extended social distancing, we have designed a programme which aims to provide the exact same group and personal mentorship as it would be if delivered in person on our trading floor in the City of London.

    You can start your training now for free and gain access to exclusive videos on our on-demand e-learning platform AmplifyLIVE.

    Given this transition to a virtual environment, we wanted to share some of the comments from our trainees about their experience.

    Raul Fernandes - London, UK

    Raul Fernandes - London, UK

    "The Professional Trader Programme: Stage 1 was a great way to put in practice what I had learnt in the AmplifyLIVE e-learning portal. I felt I had the right tools to go further and start implementing the concepts and strategies on CQG's excellent trading platform".

    It definitely met and exceeded my expectations. The structure around the daily briefings, sharing our strategies, zoom meetings on specific topics, 1-2-1's and feedback worked really well.".

    Philipp Deis - Moscow, Russia

    Raul Fernandes - London, UK

    "Developing routine and getting accustomed to markets, their timing, the system and the psychological challenges of trading were the parts of the programme I found the most beneficial.

    I am learning so much and it's giving me the confidence I need to navigate these new waters. Great team all around.

    Very good content. Knowledgeable and easy-going mentors".

    Gareth Thomas - Merthyr Tydfi, Wales

    Gareth Thomas

    "The support from the Amplify staff was again exemplary, the were available for remote support throughout the day via the Trading-live chatroom or Zoom conferencing. Breakout lectures and tutorials were also provided throughout the week to the group with plenty of opportunity for question and answer sessions.

    The live trading was by far the most beneficial element of the week. I was able to put into practice the knowledge and skills from the AmplifyLIVE on-demand content".

    Kah Meng Goh - Singapore

    Kah Meng Goh

    "I enjoyed the structure (Lectures in-between trading sessions) and the experts in each field. I was really surprised with the depth (how well thought out) of the programme.

    I like that everyone is constructive and objective with the classes. The willingness to do more than teach just the syllabus (like impromptu lectures) was great.

    The 1 on 1 sessions were particularly useful in that they have given me a good direction to work with".

    Barrett Bilali - Dakar, Senegal

    Barrett Bilali

    "It was Anthony's voice, mind and energy on YouTube which drew me to Amplify Trading.  I have been listening to videos on trading for a while and always found his analysis to be sober, clear and reflective... with this positive energy, I enrolled in the training"

    "The online course was excellent. It provided the user with a grounding of both fundamental and technical trading skills... Alex took me under his wing and provided some one-on-one sessions. He was positive, knowledgeable and supportive".

    David Nesbitt - Newcastle, UK

    David Nesbitt

    "I think the Stage 1 of the Professional Trader Programme is an excellent opportunity to watch, listen and learn from full time professional traders.

    The ability to communicate live through the e-Learning portal, ask questions and hear discussions via e-meetings was a great learning tool.  Also, the experience and mentoring over the CQG trading platform was a unique and very valuable opportunity for me as an aspiring retail traded.

    The mentors had integrity, patience and were helpful with a wealth of experience and lots of energy".

    If you would like to find out more information about the Professional Trader Programme | Stage 1, please feel free to book a call with a member of the team HERE.