How to create a consistent trading plan

    Becoming a consistently profitable trader is difficult.

    Like any other profession, learning your craft, developing your skill set and accumulating experience, are all necessary requirements to achieve long-term success.

    To begin this journey will encourage all our traders to develop a structured approach to every trading decision they make.

    The purpose of this is that they develop a coherent and consistent methodology that can be applied with every trade, counteracting the usual error of over trading and chasing price action which is often seen in retail trading.

    Rather than explain in writing, below is a full length webinar the team and I delivered in July 2020 which covers both the 'Amplify Trading process' and also common mistakes new traders make when it comes to risk management.


    Feel free to share the session with your community and if you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact the team at

    All the best with your continued development!

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    Anthony Cheung
    Head of Market Analysis