Gareth Thomas - Professional Trader Programme Stage 2 Review

    Gareth Thomas completed the Amplify Trading Professional Trader Programme Stage 2 in May 2020, see what he had to say about his journey.

    Gareth Thomas
    What is your normal day-to-day profession?

    In my day job, I work as a dentist. I have been a dentist for 12 years, my work is split between NHS hospital and private practice where I provide specialist endodontic treatment.

    What made you decide to explore trading?

    I have always been interested in economics and business. I first became aware of Amplify Trading in 2015 after seeing them featured on BBC2 programme Millions by the Minute. I went on an evening course at Amplify Trading's office in the City of London in 2015 but my work and family commitments meant I couldn’t take my interest further at that time. This was always the ‘itch that needed scratching’ and the ability to engage with the course remotely during the 2020 lockdown period made this dream a reality!

    What was your level of knowledge in trading before starting the programme?

    My level of knowledge prior to the course was embarrassingly poor. I had a layman’s or public consumers knowledge of economics, the markets and their drivers. I found the AmplifyLIVE and professional programmes extremely interesting and informative.

    In fact, moving through the course I commented to my wife that an understanding of economics should be compulsory in secondary education, as it drives so much of our day to day lives and political decision making.

    How would you describe your overall experience on the Professional Trader Programme (PTP)?

    The Professional Trader Programme has been fantastic, the opportunity of a lifetime to undertake. The demands of my work, professional development and family life would have meant that travelling to Amplify Trading's office for 5 weeks to complete the programme would have been impossible.

    The programme has been flexible enough to allow me to continue my hospital based work during the current demands of the Covid-19 crisis whilst engaging remotely with the broad range of live learning experiences available during this period of market volatility. 

    How did you feel trading with a live account?

    Trading the live account was a really interesting learning experience and provided an understanding of our own mental processes and biases under duress.

    Although small sums were at stake, the sense of loss and risk was greatly heightened. This allowed us to experience the ‘mental battle’ associated with risk management which would be impossible to replicate in any other way or via simulation. It became obvious that one of the key skills in successful trading is the mental ability to accept financial loss whilst maintaining rational information processing.

    What was the mentoring like on the programme?

    A highlight of the course has been the mentoring. Having access to mentors who are knowledgeable and experienced in the markets has provided brilliant and unique learning opportunities. As the mentors are always accessible, this has provided live commentary on market movement with in-depth economic evaluation causing these market moves reinforcing the fundamentals taught.

    The mentors have also been open enough to discuss their own trading ideas, with outcomes positive and negative and evaluate these. A special mention must go to Alex Clark who’s passion for the markets has provided invaluable learning, both through group and one to one tutorials.

    What are your objectives now with trading in the future?

    To develop a level of consistency where I can become a successful profitable trader. I aim to spend as long as possible under Amplify Trading's mentorship, I am currently backed with the aim to continue as long as possible. Fingers crossed!

    Amplify Trading has an ethos where aspiring traders are nurtured along their trading educational development to a point where they can operate independently. In my opinion Amplify Trading's staff create an environment where trading skills and execution can flourish. My long term hope is to create a viable second income stream which can run alongside my dental career.

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