Victor Stoichkov: Full-Time Trader

    Victor had worked in asset management for over three years and had spent a year swing trading stocks with his own funds. However, despite his existing knowledge, Victor wanted to transition to trading futures and to better understand the macro fundamental reasons why markets move the way they do.

    To fulfil this objective, Victor started the 9-week 'Amplify Trader Programme' in September 2018. Here's a short Q&A on how he found the experience.

    What made you choose Amplify?

    I wanted to move on to trade futures and although I have a finance background, I didn’t know how to interpret fundamental data and news and how to trade that type of information.

    I did research online and came across the programme at Amplify, which combined both fundamental and technical analysis and also had good reviews so I got in touch and signed up.

    What was your experience prior to completing the programme?

    I worked in asset management for about 3 years and spent about a year swing trading stocks with my own funds.

    How did you find the transition moving from the simulator to trading live funds during the course?

    Trading live funds was mostly different from a psychological point of view. It was a great learning experience and I feel it was the point during the course that required the most discipline.

    Are you still trading at the moment and do you still speak with the Amplify team?

    Yes, I have moved on to trade my own account full-time. I also speak with the team on a daily basis through the Trading-Live chatroom. Everyone there is very approachable and willing to help out, which I find important for someone starting out.

    Do you feel the course was a good investment in the development of your trading?

    Definitely. It was a very good foundation and it helped me understand a lot of the fundamental drivers behind markets. I also helped me improve my technical analysis skills and learn more about the behavioural aspects of trading.

    It is important however, to put in a lot of hours yourself and keep on improving after the course, because it’s a steep learning curve and it’s different for everyone.

    View Viktor's LinkedIn profile HERE.