Deniz Alp Savaskan: Amplify Summer Intern

    Deniz Alp Savaskan

    What programme did you do at Amplify Trading?

    I did the 6-week Internship Programme in June 2017.

    How did you find the internship training programme?

    The Internship Programme was overall a great opportunity to experience a career in finance. The macro economics lectures in the first week of the programme were very crucial for me to grasp the fundamental knowledge that I needed as an engineering student. The market-making and portfolio management simulations were great contributions to the programme. In addition to the financial aspect of the course; the risk management and trading psychology training included in the programme were all personality influencing training that changed the way I make risky decisions.

    How has Amplify helped in your career development?

    As an engineering student pursuing a career in finance, I was able to cover the fundamental financial knowledge that I lacked in a very short time. More important than that, I gained a significant amount of practical knowledge in different finance roles such as trader, market-maker and portfolio manager that no other educational institution can offer.

    Why did you choose Amplify?

    I have chosen Amplify Trading due to the considerable reputation it has in the finance sector and the positive recommendations that I have heard from the past alumni.

    Would you recommend Amplify to a friend?

    I would definitely recommend Amplify Trading to a friend. Regardless of their background, anyone with an interest in finance should consider Amplify Trading as their first address to find out how a career in finance would work out for them.

    What is your goal after completing the course?

    I aim to apply to investment banking internship positions in the United Kingdom and Southeast Asia.

    You can view Deniz’ LinkedIn profile HERE.