Andrea Tatone: Front office applicant

    Andrea Tatone

    What Amplify Trading course did you attend?

    I had initially booked the two-month internship programme starting June last summer; however, during the start of the second month I decided to extend my stay for another month as I was learning so much and wanted to experience trading live.

    How has programme helped you in your career?

    As someone coming from a non-financial academic background, but whose career ambition was to work in the financial services industry, the knowledge I developed over the course of the programme was invaluable. Few other experiences will allow you to be thrown in the deep end of financial markets and be plugged in from day one, I found this to be the most intriguing aspect of the course. The mentors will provide you with all the support you may need along the way and will work hard in pursuit of your progression as a trader; moreover they are always more than happy to give useful career advice. By the end of the course I felt so prepared about financial markets, resulting in me being much more confident in taking on interviews. I would definitely recommend the course to everyone.