AmplifyLAB Technology Apprenticeship - We Are Hiring!

    Amplify Trading's Head of Technology and Product Development Amir Khadr is proud and excited to launch Amplify Trading's brand new paid Technology Apprenticeship Programme to help Computer Science and Technical students gain experience in education technology and the financial industry. Find out more about AmplifyLAB in this interview.

    What is Amplify LAB?

    Amir Khadr - Head of Technology

    Amir Khadr - Head of Technology

    "If you have attended one of our financial markets simulations or bootcamps, you will be familiar with our simulation and assessment platform. Our technology allows us to deliver world leading practical training to help students find their career path in finance and to disrupt the financial industry’s hiring process by driving diversity and helping them find the right talent."

    Part of my team’s mission is to extend our platform for the benefit of Amplify Trading's teachers, students, and institutional clients. We are inspired by Agile principles that we apply to our processes and methodologies as much as to our code.

    We work with a mix of open-source software and proprietary solutions on our projects. The AmplifyLAB is where we create space for experimentations and prototypes natively integrated with our technical architecture. As a tech intern, you will have the chance to experience a variety of roles in a cross-functional team, whilst learning different programming languages and platforms. You will be able to leverage your strengths while filling the gap in the areas with which you have the least experience."

    What Can You Expect From AmplifyLAB Apprenticeship?

    "The best way to explain what you might expect from this Apprenticeship is to hear it directly from someone already experiencing it. Milandeep Bassi, now a final year computer science student, participated in our Summer Internship in financial markets in 2019. We quickly saw that he was the perfect candidate for an intern position on our Product Development side, but it didn’t take him long to show his technical skills and passion. His contribution to the Tech team has been fantastic, even if he was working with us only two days a week."

    See Milandeep's overview of working with Amplify Trading:

    Who Can Apply?

    "This Apprenticeship is intended for students in their first or second year of an accredited full-time degree program in Computer Science or related technical fields, with an anticipated graduation date between 2021 and 2024."

    How To Apply?

    You can apply directly, by clicking the button below.

    There will be three stages:

    Stage 1: Online Application Process (starting June 1st 2020)

    Stage 2: Video Interview

    Stage 3: Fully sponsored Amplify Trading's Summer Internship (August 2020)

    In stage one we will asses you from the technical perspective. Stage 2 is more of an informal chat to get to know you, and see if you would be a good fit for our team. Applicants passing Stage 2 will then be fully sponsored for our highly coveted summer Internship Training Programme in “Trading and Financial Market Analysis”. The three week Internship is where we will get to know each other better and see how you learn and work. At the end of the Internship we will invite the top performers to join the Tech Team in London for a 12 - month Apprenticeship as a Tech Intern."

    Apply Now

    If you have any questions about AmplifyLAB, don't hesitate to send us an email on

    Not a Technology student but interested in our Internship Programme? Click HERE to find out more how we can help you find your future in finance.