10 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Trade With Amplify

    10 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Trade With Amplify

    There are lots of misconceptions about trading and the ability to make money in the market. The reality is it is not easy, in fact it is far from it. This is why at Amplify we strive to take our structured approach in fundamental and technical analysis to ensure our trainees are fully equipped to make the most informed trading decisions.

    To help give you some insight as to what we do and what makes us unique, Amplify Head of Market Analysis, Anthony Cheung has put together 10 reasons why you should trade – with Amplify. Enjoy!

    1. Trade with live funds

    Trainees trade a fully funded live micro futures account, in the third and final stage of the career programme. Our ethos has always been that you learn by doing and there is no substitute for trading a live account where your decisions have real consequences. This is imperative to your development whilst under the mentorship of more experienced traders. This opportunity is totally unique to Amplify Trading, too.

    AR - one of our traders currently on our nine-week programmeAR - one of our traders currently on our nine-week programme

    2. Level 6 diploma accredited by the London Institute of Banking and Finance

    We are pleased to announce that as of June 2019, our career programme has been promoted to a Level 6 status, accredited by The London Institute of Banking & Finance. This means that the professional qualification you will be rewarded with at the end of the programme, is equivalent a bachelor's degree.

    3. Reputation

    We are proud to have associations with some of the most prestigious financial and academic institutions in the world, borne out of our dedication to ensure our teaching standards are of the highest quality. Do you need convincing? Head over to Glassdoor, or contact a previous Amplify trainee trader on LinkedIn, and get an honest appraisal of how they found the course.

    4. Learn from experienced professionals

    The co-founders of Amplify have a total of 32 years’ experience in trading financial markets, and our Head of Market Analysis has been at the forefront of real-time news and analysis since 2006. Not only are the directors experienced but each have their own specialism, ranging from risk management and execution to trading psychology and news aggregation.

    Amplify Co-founders, Piers Curran and William De LucyAmplify Co-founders, Piers Curran and William De Lucy

    5. Learn More Than Just Technical Analysis

    Retail traders often come from a background of being self-taught in the discipline of technical analysis, largely ignoring the fundamentals due to a lack of understanding or even naivety.

    We adopt a global macro approach to our trading strategies, so a thorough understanding of fundamentals is critical.

    This skill is imperative in today's global markets, given the importance of news and politics, and its subsequent impact on monetary policy and market direction. Check out our daily market briefings here.

    6. Networking

    We have had the privilege of teaching 1000's of individuals and organisations over the years allowing us to introduce new trainees to a large pool of contacts across different industries. From one of our first ever trainees who now works at one of the world's leading hedge funds to the baker who now works in broking in the City.

    We are fully aware that trading might not work out for everyone, even with the best intentions, so we aim to connect people of similar backgrounds or experience in order to be better equipped for that next move in their career.

    7. A 10 Year Track Record In Teaching

    At the beginning of 2019, we celebrated 10 years of 10 years of 10 years of 10 years of being in business. What started as a one-to-one mentoring scheme, has grown into a market leading company in innovative training technology. Having been driven by the ambition to help people learn more effectively about financial markets in a practical way.

    8. Location

    Our main trading floor is based in the heart of the City of London, a short two-minute walk from the Bank of England. This offers our trainees a fully immersive experience - right in the middle of the action!

    9. More Than Just A Course

    There is no 'quick fix' to learn how to trade. This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there. We offer to back those trainees who show the most potential, to give everyone the best possible chance of success. For some, this allows time to hone their skills under our guidance to then be better equipped to trade their own capital more effectively.

    Others stay with us for the long-run, and then there are those that leverage their new found skills and knowledge into a new career involved in financial markets.

    10. We care!

    This might sound cheesy but it's true, we care about your future. Amplify Trading directors could quite easily just sit in a room together trading all day and make a healthy living. However, Amplify’s vision is much bigger and rewarding;

    “Changing people's lives for the better on a global level, allowing greater diversity in the workplace and maximising the potential of the individual and firm in question.”

    Any questions? Get in touch with Anthony. I hope you can join us in sharing our vision!

    Find out more about our training here.

    Written by Anthony Cheung, Head of Market Analysis