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**New traders will now be based on our new trading floor in the heart of The City** Click for gallery

Join our flagship trading programme that develops our traders to trade with our capital. Traders who finish the three month programme flat or positive on their live trading account continue to trade fully funded by Amplify as full-time proprietary traders. Training follows an intensive and structured timetable (full details can be seen in the brochure) as traders execute on a company funded account of up to seven different assets classes at the start of month three. Traders receive initially 60% of their trading profits. Commission rates to the trader are increased according to the traders' performance.

Career traders will be allocated their own state-of-the-art desk on our new trading floor in London, surrounded by our experienced team to receive personal training and support. 

Dates and availability can be seen though the link to register. Interested traders will be sent the course brochure via email.


Candidates can register for dates outside the above options by emailing: [email protected]

There are two great options following the end of the trading course:

  • If you are flat or in profit on your live trading account at the end of the programme we will continue to back you with our funds in the live markets increasing your size and market exposure. Having proven your potential, there will be no further training fees as we continue to work together towards building a long-term and profitable relationship increasing your market exposure and scope.

  • Completing the programme means trainees have obtained industry recognised professional trading experience with Certificates for each module. Many of our graduates secure positions at Top-Tier Investment Banks using their front desk experience at Amplify Trading. 


If you are interested in learning to trade FOREX, then please click on the link to find out more information.

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