Professional Trader Development

We use our substantial trading experience to develop our new traders and help them understand, analyse and trade in today's global financial markets. Our unique trader development programmes have allowed us to build a team of traders who trade for the company managing their risk and exposure across multiple asset classes. Our approach is serious and professional, and our practical training techniques have now been adopted by leading institutions such as HSBC in London and Bank of America in New York.

We build a close relationship with all new traders and ensure that the theory taught is effectively put into practice to achieve the best possible results. We encourage you to check our testimonials and feedback page to see what previous trainees say about their Amplify Trading experience.

All programmes can be delivered on our trading floor or remotely though the live trading room.


Career Programme

Career traders take their own multi-screen trading desk on our state-of-the-art trading floor and receive full backing for their trading on the live market account with a competitive profit split. Over three months of full time training we will teach you to understand, analyse and trade real-time financial markets to an institutional level and we continue to support traders who finish the third month profitably.  

Internship Training

Recent graduates and current students can join us for two months of intensive training. Managing multiple asset classes in live market prices candidates build skills and experience essential for a career in banking and finance. 

Short Intense Courses

For those looking for compact training to deliver the key concepts needed to trade at an institutional level.  We take traders through a one week multi-asset class evening programme or a two day full time session focused on Forex markets, both of which continue to be supported by the on-line version of our trading room. 


We invite potential traders to a Trading Workshop on our trading floor in the heart of The City to discuss contemporary market conditions and find out more about trading with Amplify Trading. Attendees will be given a live market insight and will be asked to execute trades through a simulation with our Head of Trading. To book a place please use the tab below.  We also recommend reviewing the introductory video about Amplify on the Global Trading page. Those interested who are currently based outside London can schedule an on-line trading session with our team by clicking on the Amplify Live! banner below.


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